About Dr. Kraslin

Professional Resume

Dr. Harvey Kraslin has practiced psychotherapy for more than 30 years and has degrees from Washington University (B.A.), Columbia University (M.S.W.), and Clark University (Ed.D.). He has been practicing independently since 1980 and was a clinical supervisor for graduate schools, including NYU. He has provided extensive mental health training to hospitals, schools, corporations, Employee Assistance Programs, and psychiatric settings.

Professional recognitions include Diplomate of the Academy for Eating Disorders and National Service Award from the Disabled American Veterans for work with Vietnam veterans. He is Level II trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Dr. Kraslin has been on television, radio and covered by the press.

Dr. Kraslin’s clinical orientation is solution-focused, short-term treatment which is highly interactive. Diagnostic acumen and a variety of interventions are critical to identify the root of emotional problems and provide adequate repair. Similarly, marriage and family counseling requires both an understanding of the interpersonal dynamics and familiarity with techniques for building coping skills to replace unhealthy patterns. Dr. Kraslin strongly believes in a variety of conservative and alternative approaches. He is interested in discussing their application to your specific needs.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and insurance companies have referred hundreds of clients to Dr. Kraslin.  This is due to his quick response, competent service, positive client feedback, and ability to manage challenging situations. 

Dr. Kraslin treats adults, adolescents, and children.  He enjoys working with clients served unsuccessfully by other clinicians.  Such difficult categories include: dysfunctional interpersonal relations; unremitting depression; anxiety including Panic Disorder; Dissociative Disorder, and impulse control problems like substance abuse, anger, and self-mutilation.

Collaboration with providers such as schools, physicians, other therapists and institutions is available as needed during treatment.  Consultation and training services are also offered.